Preconception Massage

Trying to become pregnant? Massage therapy can help facilitate the conception process physically by breaking up adhesion's and increasing pelvic blood supply-- and emotionally by reducing stress and cortisol levels. In fact, research shows the pregnancy rate for women treated with massage techniques prior to their next IVF transfer to be 63% higher than the national average success rate for IVF alone. These treatments are recommended to be purchased in a package and performed on a bi-weekly basis.
 75 min $135 | 6 messages $688.50                                          Book Now    Gift Certificates

Perfect Pregnancy Massage

Nurturing and soothing, this massage is beneficial throughout the child-bearing year. Our prenatal massage aids in the relief of lower back discomfort, eases water retention, improves circulation and helps speed the healing process, leaving the mother to be feeling relaxed, silky and pampered. This massage provides the mother with a customized fit pregnancy table to safely cradle her and baby. Perfect for all stages of a healthy pregnancy. (Clients within the first trimester must bring in approval from a health practitioner)
 60 min $125 |  90 min $150
 Six 60 min $637.50 |  Six 90 min $765                                          Book Now    Gift Certificates

Almost Finished Massage

Award-winning therapy that's good for you and your baby during the last trimester. Performed using the Spa on the Hill customized-fit massage table for ultimate safety, comfort and relaxation, this unique therapy helps relieve back tension, swollen hands and feet. Eases the mind and lifts the spirits in preparation of your little bundle’s upcoming arrival.
 60 min $135 |  90 min $155                                          Book Now    Gift Certificates

Induction Massage

Drift into relaxation as your therapist helps your body to naturally ease into labor. One or more treatments may be necessary, based on your body and pregnancy. Not recommended for clients less than 39 weeks pregnant.
 90 min $160                                         Book Now    Gift Certificates

Really Relaxing Postnatal Massage

Just for the new mother, postpartum massage eases muscle tension and stress from labor and delivery and the overall responsibilities that are associated with caring for a newborn. Sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, and postpartum blues can all be reduced through massage. The session ends with a cranial hold to bring you back to a place of calm and peace.
 60 min $120 |  90 min $145

 Six 60 min $612 |  Six 90 min $765                                          Book Now    Gift Certificates

Couples Pregnangcy Massagge

 60 min $265 |  90 min $295                                          Book Now    Gift Certificates