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Best for: dull, dry skin, mature/aging skin, headaches, foot aches, carpal tunnel pain

Results: increased moisture, glowing skin,
For those that desire ultimate relaxation and extra attention given to skin, this customized facial is the best option. After a one-on-one consultation and detailed skin analysis, our esthetician will curate a facial using our signature Dermalogica skin care line to address your individual needs, re-energize your skin cells, increase hydration, smooth wrinkles and firm skin. This ultra-relaxing treatment includes double cleansing, exfoliation (including a customized, layered peel) extractions, face massage, mask and moisturizer with an extended massage. This treatment is made complete with argan oil infused heated hand, foot and scalp massages.



Indulge your senses with our most luxurious full body massage that perfectly merges warmth, aromatherapy and hot stones to produce a session that unwinds even the most stressed.

Your visit begins with receiving a menu of our seasonal aromatherapy blends, allowing you to customize the blend diffused in the air and applied to your skin during your session. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to allow proper time for your selections to be created and infused into your treatment room.

The massage bed is pre-heated and the temperature is regulated based on your preference. Warm stones are used in strokes to promote well-being and accommodate your therapist in loosening tension in areas of chronic or current discomfort. For the most stiff areas, moist heat packs may be applied to restore balance and fluid movement.




A great enhancement available to add with any wax that will prepare your bikini for a fabulous summer. Includes ingrown hair removal, after waxing ingrown hair treatment, calming serum, brightening mask.